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Pand-drawn designs are lovingly hand created by Laura Preston from her humble home in Newcastle upon Tyne. Inspired by cute (and cheesy!) quotes and messages, Pand-drawn was born. So called because the first character ever hand-drawn by Laura, was me, Panda. Since that day, back in 2011, more characters have been developed; of course, she didn’t want me getting lonely now did she? Meet the rest of the characters and find out a little bit about each of them (and more about me!).

The Pand-drawn designs were created using ink and a matchstick and of course with lots of love! Originally completely monochrome; Laura decided to add little pops of colour to some of the designs to enhance them a smidge.

So here we are today with 7 little characters in the family and a whole future ahead of us!

We really hope you love us!

Meet The Gang at Pand-drawn.co.uk

Meet The Gang

Meet the gang and find out a little more about each of us. Remember, we’re always here to make you smile!


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About The Artist

Laura loves to be creative and you will often find her surrounded by her craft materials making something new. Art has always played a huge part in her life and she has enjoyed drawing since she could hold a crayon!